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Ohio Network for Innovation has partnered with Mid-East Ohio Regional Council (MEORC) to provide payeeship services.

As a Payee, we:

  • manage funds to meet the beneficiaries current needs,

  • manage STABLE accounts,

  • keep a record of expenses and account activity,

  • complete reports for Social Security,

  • and work with teams to create budgets.


ONI strives to be a Person-Centered Organization so we work with you to provide comprehensive support surrounding payeeship, your benefits, and your rights.

Dark Roofs Housing Complex

What are

"current needs?"

The immediate and reasonably foreseeable essentials for housing, food, clothing, utilities, medical care and insurance, dental care, personal hygiene, education, daily living expenses, and the rehabilitation expenses of the beneficiary.

Apply for Payeeship Services

To apply for payeeship services with Ohio Network for Innovation, complete the application form by clicking the 'Apply Now' button. When you have completed the form in its entirety, email it to

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