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About Us

Be Flexible. Work Together. Encourage New Ideas. Be Honest and Kind. Be Person-Centered. Be Accountable.

Ohio Network for Innovation (ONI) is not just an organization; it's a movement that believes in the power of every individual to direct their own wants, desires, and lives. As our name suggests – innovation is at the heart of ONI. Our purpose is to find creative solutions for others. We are not just problem solvers; we are architects of creative solutions. Our commitment to promoting creativity and innovative problem-solving is embedded in every aspect of our work. We believe in challenging the status quo to unlock new possibilities for those we serve.

Diversity as Our Strength

Diversity isn't just welcomed at ONI; it's celebrated. Our organization and its employees are a mixture of talents, backgrounds, and experiences. We actively support the diversity of our employees, encouraging them to infuse their passions and unique skills into their work. This dynamic blend of perspectives enriches our approach to how we support the individuals we serve.

Comprehensive Support


ONI serves a wide variety of individuals, families, and organizations across different communities, including hospitals, courts, schools, students, the aging population, and more. From housing and nursing services to waiver, payeeship, and employment support, we are committed to providing a holistic framework that fosters independence and well-being. Our services ensure that every individual's voice and autonomy is not only heard but respected.